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What do you need to do?

A Smart Credit Report

With Credit Armor’s Smart Credit Report, you get far more than just one credit score. Included with your general credit score, you will also be able to see your Automotive Score, Insurance Score, and your Hiring Index.

Use Credit Armor’s ScoreBoost® to help you understand how your credit card spending and payments will impact your score.

Smart Credit Report®

A simple and innovative way to view your credit report.

Credit Score

Your credit score ranges from 300 to 850 and is an overall view of your credit history, which is important to lenders.

Auto Score

Auto lenders do not use your credit score, they use your Auto Score to determine your lending risk better.

Insurance Score

This score is weighted to risk & stress factors most insurance companies use when looking at your credit.

Hiring Risk Index

Many employers can view your credit report (not your credit score) when evaluating decisions to hire or promote. This Hiring Risk Index can help you better prepare for when an employer may look at your credit report.

Credit Monitoring Alerts

Get important alerts with changes to your credit report by phone or email.

Use Action Buttons

With a simple button you can remove identity theft, negotiate debts, resolve reporting problems, and ask questions directly to your creditors. No forms to fill out, letters or phone calls.

Daily Transactions

For the first time, your daily transactions are integrated into your credit report. See how your creditors are reporting to ensure accuracy.


Know your future score before you apply, pay, or spend.

A Personal Plan to Reach Your Target Score Quickly

Take ownership of your credit. Use ScoreBoost® to quickly add points to your credit score before you apply for credit.

How It Works

  • Get a personal plan to raise your score based on your target score and points available.
  • See how your credit card payments can add points to your credit score.
  • Know when and how much to pay on your credit cards to gain the points you need.
  • Know when to apply for a credit card, auto loan, mortgage, or other credit.
  • Balance spending between accounts to maintain and maximize your credit score.

Our ScoreBoost® is so easy to use! Just move the button to see what paying down your credit card or spending with your credit cards will do to your score.

Fix your own credit like an expert with
Dispute Armor

Smart Connection

Dispute Armor will connect to your Credit Armor account and import your 3 bureau credit report. Once your report is imported, Dispute Armor will scan your report for negative, incomplete, and inaccurate information. After your report is scanned, Dispute Armor will design a strategy to help you correct and remove the information.

Play Video
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Brilliant Artificial Intelligence

Dispute Armor AI can find over 20 different types of errors in credit reports. Over 80% of the credit reports scanned by Dispute Armor have errors that can lower credit scores. Unfortunately, most people or even credit experts don’t see these mistakes. Because of these mistakes that our AI finds, you can dispute these mistakes and get your credit corrected or the accounts deleted.

Unlimited Disputes

With Dispute Armor, you are not limited in the amount of accounts you can dispute. You can dispute 1 account or 100 accounts. Dispute Armor will structure your dispute letters in the format that all three of the credit bureaus prefer.
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Play Video

View Your Dispute Results

Once you have disputed information on your credit report, Dispute Armor will follow up in 40 days and scan your report for corrections, deletions, and any new information. Based on the scan, our AI will determine the best approach in your next dispute. You no longer have to be an expert to repair and improve your credit score; our AI can do it for you.


Privacy, Alerts & Fraud Insurance

With all of our products, you get maximum protection.

Is your data being used or sold on the web? Our PrivacyMaster® feature scans websites & data brokers for your personal information. Use the action button in your Alerts to quickly react to identity theft. Memberships also include $1 Million of whole family Fraud Insurance.

PrivacyMaster® & Alerts

  • Instruct websites & data brokers to remove your info from their website.
  • Get alerted when your data has been removed and if it reappears again in the future.
  • Quickly inform your bank or creditor of an unauthorized transaction.
  • Quickly respond to an unauthorized account activated in your name.
  • No filling out lengthy police affidavits or forms.
  • Avoid a lengthy bank or creditor process.
  • No transfers to third-party credit repair organizations.
  • No lengthy phone calls or writing letters.

$1 Million Fraud Insurance

  • Zero deductible
  • Covers your entire family residing in your household
  • Covers your bank, savings, brokerage, lines of credit, credit card, and more
  • Covers your cash out of pocket expenses incurred in your ID recovery
  • Covers your credit reports
  • Covers pre-existing identity fraud you didn’t know about
  • Replacement cost due to stolen Driver’s License or Passport

24/7 alerts for peace of mind.

Transaction Monitoring and Credit Monitoring Alerts let you stop bank, credit card, credit report, and ID theft with the click of a button!

Get notified right away of important activity.
Then, use the button in your Alerts to stop theft.

It’s so simple! Just push the button to stop theft.
  • No filling out lengthy police affidavits or forms.
  • No lengthy insurance claims.
  • No getting transferred to third-party credit repair firms.
  • No phone calls or writing letters.

Get Your 3 Bureaus Credit Reports & Scores


Membership Plans

Start either plan for only $1 for a 7 day trial!

Unlimited Smart Credit Report & Scores
Unlimited ScoreTracker
Unlimited ScoreBuilder
Unlimited ScoreBoost
5 Actions Monthly
Unlimited Credit Monitoring
Unlimited Money Manager
1 Update Monthly 3B Report & Scores
$1MM ID Fraud Insurance Included with Activation
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Unlimited Smart Credit Report & Scores
Unlimited ScoreTracker
Unlimited ScoreBuilder
Unlimited ScoreBoost
10 Actions Monthly
Unlimited Credit Monitoring
Unlimited Money Manager
2 Update Monthly 3B Report & Scores
$1MM ID Fraud Insurance Included with Activation
Dispute Armor AI Software with Unlimited Disputing
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